Alexander Dubcek’s Grave. All Saints Day 1998, Bratislava, Slovakia.

“For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Rest,” Especially for one.  All Saint’s Day 15 years ago at Dubcek’s grave.   This is All Saints’ Say.  Today Slovaks visit cemeteries and light candles on graves.  Most of my staff members go home to their villages for the holiday so they can visit family graves.  I asked Petra, our University intern from Kosice, whose grave … Continue reading Alexander Dubcek’s Grave. All Saints Day 1998, Bratislava, Slovakia.

Prague, 20 Years Later.

In May 2009 we returned to Prague.  It is such a beautiful City I wanted to add this photo gallery taken in 2009 with a better digital camera, along with a letter for that week. May 3, 2009 Prague, Czech Republic Prague reminds what it’s like to live in a tourist town, except this time I was not a Sitka townie, I was a tourist, … Continue reading Prague, 20 Years Later.

Velvet Revolution, 10 years later

  In 1999 we lived in Bratislava, Slovakia, working in media development for IREX-ProMedia.  Prague was just a 3 hour drive from our home. February 27, 1999 Bratislava, Slovakia This week we drove to Prague to represent ProMedia at an opening of a photo journalism exhibition entitled “‘Ten Years After’; capturing ten years of change in post-communist countries.”  An added attraction was that we were … Continue reading Velvet Revolution, 10 years later

Velvet Revolution

I wrote this letter in June 1990.  I started writing it on a yellow legal pad on the evening of June 9, 1990, filling in what went before and finishing it in Sitka. Wednesday, June 6, 1990 Ceske Budejovice, Czechoslovakia This morning we crossed the border into Czechoslovakia. On Monday all visa and currency requirements for Americans were lifted. We expected exchange at the official … Continue reading Velvet Revolution