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  1. The Legions intent is for the good, I hope that doesn’t get lost in the argument. It’s up to the parents if their child/ children should go or not. If it’s banned then have them ban smoking on the sidewalk since that’s where my kids are exposed to 2nd hand smoke. I think the assembly could use their time for our town’s progress not micro manage the citizen’s choice.
    No disrespect intended

  2. As a one time member of Sitka Post 13, I’m glad to read they are still in the business of helping out kids during the holidays. I have such good memories there, (I was a post member in the 70’s) and such good memories of my years in Sitka. My suggestion for next year is for the Legion to rent a hall to host this event. The Holiday Party for kids is such a grand tradition and I think everyone can agree that it must continue. On the other hand, of course, no one wants to subject our kids to an unhealthy atmosphere. So that means there’s a little over 11 months to find a non-smoking site for the Legionnaires to use when they once again do their magic for Sitka’s kids. Perhaps even, whomever has such a site would donate its use for this event.

  3. When did a parent lose the choice of how to raise their children? I think what you’re really asking is why do we have laws. There is a law that says kids (or others) may not ride in the bed of a pick-up. There’s a law that says children under a certain age must be in a car seat when riding in an automobile. And like those, a law protecting kids lungs doesn’t seem overly regulative to me. I’m glad it’s on the books. And sure the Sitka chapter of the American Legion will find another way or place to keep on hosting this nice event.

  4. I really don’t see the problem with the legion hosting a christmas party and having a christmas dinner, they do that every year. Now there’s a problem with the bar and I wasn’t there but when they had events like this every year, they do clean the bar and not allow smoking before the event

  5. Since when did intentionally exposing children to poison become a choice that people have the option of making?! For shame! Solve the problem and ban smoking in the building all together! Everyone wins! Kids can see vet memorials and Santa while smokers can keep it to themselves!

  6. I to hope that for the good of our children and the kindness of the Legion do not lose out because of our constant allowing of government to take over the running and decision making of ourselves and our families. When I was growing up and learning about the horrible things the Nazi’s did, I always wondered how did those people as a whole just stand by and allow that to happen to themselves and to their families. As an adult I totally understand now how things went so far. As we constantly just stand by and allow both our local and federal governments insinuate themselves more and more into our daily lives, into our right to make decisions only we should be making for ourselves and our families. I wonder how long it will take us to realize we no longer have the right to make our own decisions. Will we grow a back bone and demand our rights back to make our own decisions or will we just get on that train like a bunch of sheep.

  7. As far as I am concerned, your “rights” as an individual end when the choices you make begin impacting others. The legion may be a private club and that’s fine; turn it into a veritable hot box for all I care! But don’t host a public Christmas Party there. A couple analogies: 1) what would you think of a public Christmas party held at a private strip club – even if it were cleaned up and aired out? Gross. I wouldn’t want my kids there! 2) exposing anyone (kids included) to second hand smoke is no different than intentionally harming their health. If you did that in any other shape or form, nobody would support it. But because smoking is unfortunately still socially acceptable in some circles, people turn a blind eye. Thanks to government regulation, smoking related illness and deaths have dropped dramatically in this country. My final rant: there are only about 7 zillion steps between banning public smoking and creating a facist, military society. I’m pretty sure that banning public smoking will only result in mild cases of pissing and moaning – not Naziism. And don’t say that “it’s the first step… What’s next?!” Because as far as I can see, the next step is just better health.

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