Egyptian “Boardwalk” Towns, Sharm and Dahab.

It was not the boardwalk at Keansburg or Wildwood.  On the boardwalks in those Jersey Shore towns you won’t see a sign in the window of a hole in the wall shop that says “special, buy two bottles of Viagra, get one free. Genuine — illegally imported from the States.” Of course it’s called the corniche, and not boardwalk, on Naama Bay at Sharm el Sheikh.  It’s a bit more upscale than the boardwalk at Wildwood or Keansburg, but it has its share of shore dinners, pizza, postcards, and sunglasses.  Along the streets leading to the corniche you can find … Continue reading Egyptian “Boardwalk” Towns, Sharm and Dahab.

When the Sea Goes Away, Marken and Volendam, Netherlands.

“God made the earth, the Dutch made Holland.” But they didn’t need an environmental impact statement.  During my day long layover in Amsterdam my friend Dave Lam drove up from Brussels and we went to visit two old (you could say former) Dutch fishing villages, Marken and Volendam.  Eighty years ago both towns sat on salt water, the Zuiderzee, a 60 mile long inlet from the North Sea.  Then they sat on the Ijsselmeer, the freshwater lake formed when a large dyke closed off the Zuiderzee from the North Sea. Now they sit on the Markermeer, another freshwater lake once … Continue reading When the Sea Goes Away, Marken and Volendam, Netherlands.

Doo Wop, Wildwood, New Jersey

When I was a kid summer vacation meant Wildwood, New Jersey on the south Jersey shore, “Oh those days, those Wild wild Wildwood Days. Every day’s a holiday and every night is a Saturday night.”  Occasionally I make trips back through Wildwood.  It really is not on the way to anywhere, being just north of Cape May, land’s end for Jersey.  But on drives between Washington, home office of IREX (my employer) and Ridgewood, New Jersey where my mother lived, I sometimes took an extra day, drove to Wildwood, spent the night, took the Cape May Ferry to Delaware and … Continue reading Doo Wop, Wildwood, New Jersey