Sitka, Alaska, Home Base

I have posted a lot of photo blog pages from Sitka this summer and wrote a letter for family and friends.  This letter is the best way to introduce you to my home town and guide you to the picture pages in this blog. August 19, 2013 Sitka, Alaska Dear Friends, Such a summer!  It is hard to believe that the “Back to School” section of The Sentinel is out.  But the days are getting shorter.  Sunrise today was at 5:38 and sunset will be at 8:31, just under 15 hours.  We are losing 4 minutes a day.  I’m sitting … Continue reading Sitka, Alaska, Home Base

The Long Ride Home

You can try to shelter yourself from travel’s inconveniences but you’re never completely successful.  We’re used to negotiating travel’s mine fields (sometimes literally.)  We’ve done winding dusty mountain roads in third world busses, train rides with goats and chickens, and … Continue reading The Long Ride Home