Juneau Deco

Juneau pretends to be an old gold rush town.  Behind the faux gold rush façade (logs covering concrete in some places, like the Red Dog Saloon) beats a heart of Art Deco.  Juneau suffered fires and was largely rebuilt in an Art Deco era. Concrete seemed a safer bet than wood. Modern buildings like the “Spam Can” make reference to art deco.  The Baranof Hotel, Palace Theater Building, Alaska Electric Power and Light Building and the 20th Century Theater all have nice deco touches.  I took some of these pictures from the Mt. Roberts Tramway. These pictures are from 2004, Juneau … Continue reading Juneau Deco

Sunrise at Noon, Sitka to Ketchikan

I must have flown between Sitka and Ketchikan at least 100 times in the past 30 years.  Most of the times it has been overcast.  When it isn’t, I usually have an aisle seat, my preference.  Ten days ago, flying through Ketchikan to Seattle, Alaska Airlines upgraded me to first class in a window seat.  It was midday and a weather front was coming in.  The sun was low enough in the December sky and we were high enough to give the effect of sunrise at noon.  We broke through the overcast as we crossed Baranof Island and headed south … Continue reading Sunrise at Noon, Sitka to Ketchikan